Don't fancy going out buying Xmas treats to have at home over Xmas then we've got it covered

2kg pick and mix sweets (can do custom boxes over 100 different sweets to choose from)

1kg of maoam, lollies, Tango shockers, drumsticks etc

1x Toblerone gift box 3 different types in the box

1x milkyway and friends box

4x tubs of different flavour pringles

1kg shortbread biscuits

Big basket of Celebrations chocolates

1x grand ferroro rocher

1x box of mixed lindt Lindors chocolates

4x kids drinks

2x 3L (drinks have other drinks too chose from too)

Variety of chocolate bars

2x boxes of chocolates (dairy box and milk tray)

1x Dairy milk hot chocolate cone with marshmallows for 5 mugs


We are happy to swap and change things over if you'd like other things

FREE DELIVERY available to pre order now can be delivered whenever you'd like covid safety measures in place

Mega christmas bundle


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